When local churches and CEF® partner to reach children ...

"God took me to Barboursville Elementary last year as a substitute where I first heard of this club. Now a year later our local church is involved!! God is alive and doing great things!! I'm so blessed to be a part of a ministry that kids can worship and learn about God in a public school setting. I'm watching children each week come in with smiles and excitement to hear what the story is about each week. God has given me the gift of being with children, and I'm overwhelmed with joy to be a part of this ministry through our church. I also thank God that he has allowed me not to have to work full time so I can take part in this ministry that I see God already doing great things!!!"

—Krista Dailey, GNC Volunteer
Cabell County, WV


"The Good News Club® we minister in at our local elementary school has given us a tremendous opportunity to serve the spiritual needs of many families. Through the Good News Club®, we have had an opportunity to bridge a gap that existed between our churches and families in our area. We are very satisfied with the material, training, and support we received from Child Evangelism Fellowship® and are happy to partner with them in reaching children and adults for Christ."

—Pastor Mike Blankenship, Oakland Avenue Baptist Church

"I remember the first time that I heard of CEF® and Good News Club®. I was at a Gideon Prayer Breakfast, and a Gideon friend of mine was praising God for saving several children at their Good News Club® in a Mason County school. I was surprised to learn that a church could go into a school after hours with a Godly curriculum and actually teach the Bible to schoolchildren. I felt the calling of God in my life to do just that. I met with the CEF Coordinator to learn how to get started. I stood before my church congregation and told of my calling and asked for their commitment. In no time at all, a training session was scheduled, and we soon met with a local school in my community, and we were on our way. God sent folks our way who were committed to the task."

"We started the third Good News Club® in Mason County. We had a lot of help, and I was surprised to see schoolteachers also eager to help. God blessed all that we did. We were privileged to see several children saved and watched their lives change. There is nothing greater than being in a Walmart or public place and having some young person run up and hug you and introduce you to their friends or parents as Good News Club® Mr. Jim or Mrs. Vanda.

"I am impressed by the children’s prayers and their prayer requests. They truly bless my heart. I am also amazed at how receptive the children are to God’s Word. I take their written prayer requests to our church each Sunday morning to pass out to those committed individuals who want to pray for a particular request. I am truly blessed by the children’s unselfish requests and how they pour their hearts out to Christ. I have watched God miraculously answer some of these requests … marriages put back together, grandparents saved, and families attending church. It is truly a blessing to be a Good News Club® Coordinator."

—Jim Dabney, GNC Coordinator
Mason County, WV


"Being involved with the Good News Club® the past few years has been life-changing for me. Having the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with children that may never have the opportunity is amazing. Through the love and compassion of Jesus, I have seen many Salvations. That's not only good news ... it's the BEST news!!"

—Andy Boggess, GNC Coordinator
Putnam County, WV


"The Good News Club® has been a tremendous tool that enables our church to share Christ with the children of our community. Good News Club has also enabled us to reach beyond the children by building relationships with their families and the school faculty. These relationships give us the opportunity to share Christ beyond the Good News Club setting. Our mission as a church is to engage our community with the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Good News Club helps us accomplish that mission."

—Pastor Eddie Gandy, Crosspoint Community Church