Good News ClubThis is a testimony from one of our Good News Clubs® from this past school year…

“Last November in our club we had several kids come forward when I gave the invitation. My granddaughter, who is a teacher at the school had the privilege of leading one of her students to the Lord! The school had a talent show the last week of school, and this same boy said he wanted to be in it with “preaching” as his talent.

This little boy’s mother left “church attends” blank on his permission slip, so we are not sure if he ever attends church or not. He had his mother and my granddaughter write down the points he wanted to say, which he had said he prayed about and thought about a lot. He wanted to end with, “God loves you more than anyone, and He wants you to love Him too!”

He was one of the two students from his grade level chosen to perform. So this little boy had the opportunity to preach the gospel message to the entire school using many of the points we had taught them from the Wordless Book Visualized Bible Lesson series. How AWESOME is that?!?! Only God could orchestrate that!!!”