Psalm 65:11, “You crown the year with Your goodness,

And Your paths drip with abundance.”


Psalm 65:11


In every hour of every day of the year, God is richly blessing us; both when we are asleep and when we are awake His mercy is upon us. The sun may set and bring darkness into the world each day, but our God never ceases to shine His love upon His children. Like a river, His love is always flowing. Like the atmosphere which constantly surrounds the earth, and is always ready to support the life of His creation, the love of God surrounds all His creatures and in Him they live, and move, and have their being.

Surely these crowning mercies call for crowning thanksgiving! Let us be ever grateful! Let our hearts be warmed; let our spirits remember, meditate, and think upon this goodness of the Lord. Then let us praise Him with our lips, and magnify His Name from where all this goodness flows. Let us glorify God by yielding our gifts to His cause!