Blocks spelling thank you

CEF’s ministry calendar runs from September 1st-August 31st, so that Good News Club ministries and all of summer ministries can be viewed on one report. I wanted to share with you, our ministry partners, what God did in the ministry year of September 2021-August 2022.  There were:

  • 78 total ministries conducted
  • 2971 total children reached with the Gospel
  • 194 total 1st time salvation decisions made
  • 35 unchurched children were established in local Bible believing churches

Praise the Lord for these types of results! Because you have invested your time, prayers, and finances into this ministry, these Kingdom results could take place. Eternity has been impacted through you!


I can’t begin to thank you enough. Words are not adequate enough, but that’s all I have to give. You allow this ministry to move forward, and I am so grateful. My prayer is that we see even greater results by this time next year!