The Good News Club® ministry in our chapter has continued to spread like a wildfire. To this point in the school year we have already started 6 brand new clubs, have 3 more scheduled to begin this month, with 3 more still on schedule to begin by the end of the school year!!! We wanted to share this testimony of one of our recent clubs scheduled to begin.

An individual from the target church stepped up to coordinate the efforts, the target church decided to adopt the school, the team of volunteers came together, the training and screening process was conducted. Everything was going smoothly. Obviously, the enemy hates that! So going into the meeting with the Principal we were hopeful that we could meet on Thursdays. But while meeting with them due to some building logistics they didn’t think we could meet on Thursdays but said we could meet on Mondays.

The volunteers were contacted and asked what they wanted to do…without hesitation, the response was, “Then we’ll do it on Mondays. We’ve come too far to let satan win out now.” AWESOME! That’s exactly what the response should have been. No matter if something is easier or more convenient to us; we can’t let the enemy win. Those boys and girls need Jesus and this church and the volunteers realize that. The doors to our schools are open now…we don’t know for how long…we have to take advantage of this opportunity now! Praise God!