The Greater Huntington Chapter of Child Evangelism Fellowship consists of 9 total counties: Cabell, Lincoln, Logan, Mason, Mingo, Putnam and Wayne in West Virginia, along with Boyd in Kentucky and Lawrence in Ohio. We have ministries established in 8 out of those 9 counties. The only county that we do not have a ministry established in is Mingo County. In fact, we don’t even have one solid contact in Mingo County.

    For years one of our main ministry goals was to see established ministry in each of the counties that is within our chapter. We stand at the door of Mingo County ready to see that goal accomplished so that the boys and girls of Mingo County will be able to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and have the opportunity to believe in Him as their Savior!
    For about almost two years now we have had an “inward” intentional effort of praying specifically for Mingo County and for the opportunity to open the doors of that county to the ministry of CEF. As we started 2019, and as we looked at our vision and focus for the new year we were specifically led again to Mingo County. So we are calling on each and every one of you to please join with us in this prayer effort to see CEF ministry established in Mingo County!

    If God’s people join together and beseech Him to open the doors of Mingo County, then He will hear those petitions and in His timing open those doors! As you pray you may be someone that lives, goes to church, or works in Mingo County or you may have contacts that live, go to church, or work in Mingo County and you might be the VERY ONE that can help open those doors!

    If you are interested in or know someone that might be interested in helping us establish ministry in Mingo County ... PLEASE contact us as soon as possible! You can call, text, or email us at any time! Thank you for joining with us!