Small child reading a worn Bible

As the little girl finished her prayer in Sunday School she said, “Thank You for the Dictionaries who teach about Jesus.” She had meant Missionaries. You NEVER know what’s going to come out of the mouth of a child. But she might not have been as far off as you may think.

The Webster’s Dictionary, defines the word Dictionary as, “a book or device that contains a selection of words and gives information about their meanings.” If we really stop and think, isn’t that what teachers of the Word of God are?

We are a device that has words and gives information and meaning to those words. Of course the words we are explaining are from the Bible, the Word of God. That’s truly the biggest thrill that any of us can have in children’s ministries. Week after week, teaching the Word of God, and at some point seeing the light bulb come on when a child learns or understands something new.

It truly is a blessing to be able to teach children the Bible. Even during this COVID-19 Pandemic season they still need to be taught the Bible and of its Author, maybe now more so than ever. Are you being a “Dictionary” to the boys and girls in your sphere of influence?           

We may carry multiple titles or wear many hats in our life, but if adding “Dictionary” means that you get to explain God’s Words to them then isn’t that a worthwhile one? The need for teachers of the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ has not gone away. Is it time that you step out in faith and become one?