Here’s a testimony from one of our Good News Club Coordinators that she shared recently:

“There have been so many children that stand out in my mind over the years, but the Lord brought this to my mind recently.

"About 10 years ago, I received news that a boy in our club had been hit by a truck and killed, while playing ball with a friend. I was devastated, as I rushed to the hospital and witnessed his mother in complete despair. I had checked my records before going to the hospital, and made sure of the date, then was able to offer the reassurance that Tony* was with Jesus, because he had accepted Him as Savior the year before in Good News Club.

"After that, both of his brothers came to know the Lord in our club, and I was able to reassure them both that their brother was waiting in heaven for the day that they would join him. That was a reminder to me of the fact that we need to keep on with this very important work that God has given us to do ... we never know how many opportunities each child will have to hear the gospel message, and we need to teach as if this is their last!

"I definitely feel that as I pray for the Holy Spirit to speak through me, I’m trusting Him to speak to the hearts of the boys and girls, and since I don’t know which hearts He’s dealing with, it’s important to let Him lead, and give the boys and girls every opportunity to respond. I never know if this might be their last opportunity, and I don’t want them to miss it!”

*-name changed