Beautiful sunset and silhouette of man kneeling in prayer in front of three crosses

In the world that we live in today, it is so easy for us to allow so many different things to take our attention away from the Lord and the mission that He has given us. We need to daily direct our affection and adoration to the God who made us and gave His Only Son to redeem us. As we work to do this, He promises to give us grace and strength for this task. We need to continually be asking ourselves questions like: Am I worshipping something or someone other than the Lord? What about a relationship, secret sin, addiction, or hatred?

Our prayer is to allow God’s Spirit to help redirect our heart’s affection to Jesus who gave His precious life for us and the children that we are reaching. And we would like to ask each of you to refocus your heart and mind as well, so that we can worship and praise the Lord together for the success that He is giving us in this ministry!