I wanted to share a Praise Report from our personal lives with you that just took place the morning of the day we are writing this note (March 1st).

During our morning family devotional time, Caleb (our 6-year-old son) gave His Heart and Life to Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior!!! Erin was sharing with him about Rahab. He just looked up at her with sad eyes and said, “I’ll never get to go to heaven.”

Erin asked him, “Why?” He said, “Because I’ve never asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins.” We asked him if he wanted to and his response was, “Yes! I’ve not been sleeping good and night because I’ve been worried about it.” And we were able to go on and walk him through the gospel and leading him in the prayer of salvation! His next immediate response was, “Now I can be “bap-a-tized!”

We have had the wonderful privilege of leading numerous children to Christ. But I must say that this was the sweetest one yet!!! Thank you for praying for us and praising the Lord with us and our family!!!