Yield Sign | CEF of Huntington

“Yield.” When we think of this word we probably think about the road sign telling us to slow down and watch for oncoming traffic. On a spiritual level, we may think that when we yield our life to the Lord, we can then just sit back and wait for God to “call” us to action. That’s just not what the word yield means.


The Greek word for yield means to “stand beside” or “come along side.” If we have truly yielded our life to God, then we are to stand beside or to come alongside Him to further His kingdom.  If we are waiting on God to “call” us to action, then we’ve missed the whole message of the Great Commission, where God has already called us to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.”


Can I do more to further God’s kingdom? Can you do more to further God’s kingdom? Probably so.  Don’t miss out on opportunities to spread the gospel wherever you can. In fact, “stand beside” God and go out of your way to look for ways to spread the gospel. They’re there, if you’re willing.