WE Can Overcome Message

“We will overcome

By the Blood of the Lamb

And the Word of our Testimony”


These words from the song “Overcome” by Jeremy Camp based on Revelation 12:11 speak so much truth to us. Through the precious blood of Jesus, we can be forgiven, BUT to truly overcome in this world, we must share our faith with others around us.  The Word and its truth is just not for us, it’s for the WHOLE world.

This includes, men/women, boys/girls, old/young, rich/poor, clean/dirty, white/black, and on and on. Thanks for helping make it possible for us to take the gospel to many boys and girls, but let’s not stop there. Let’s begin looking for opportunities to share “the word of our testimony” to others around us so they can be redeemed through the blood of Jesus so they can truly “overcome.”