Making the tough decisions.

What we choose tells something of who we are. What we reject tells a lot about who we are too, but we are less likely to realize that.

We have seen church after church and organization after organization choose to honor the generational obligation to prop up ministries that no longer reach the lost and are ineffective at furthering the Great Commission. We have become more and more technologically competent each decade, more competent professionally and every decade we have become less competent at proclaiming the Gospel to the Lost. We have learned to dumb down our faith and our evangelistic witness.  Our communities and the next generation are being left with their spiritual needs unmet, emotional needs unmet, belonging needs unmet, and family needs unmet.

This trend must stop if we want to see the lost reached with the Gospel! It’s far past time to get serious about reaching the lost. Let’s work together to see boys and girls and men and women come to know Christ. Let’s come together as the body of Christ to see this lost and dying world impacted for the Kingdom!