Photo of Groundhog

You might have been accused of hibernating if you’ve ever burrowed under the covers for a nap on a cold winter’s day. But that wouldn't be exactly accurate. Actual hibernation is significantly different from taking a nap. Hibernation is literally a way to stay alive for certain animals when temperatures are cold and food is hard to find. These types of animals-like groundhogs- find a safe spot and don’t move until warm weather comes again. While hibernating, these animals barely even breathe! Other animals that hibernate-like bears- wake up once in a while to go out for a little walk or for a little snack.

It’s easy to assume that some of you have felt like this world has been a very “cold” place over the past year. Not in terms of temperature but in how circumstances in the world has played out and how your life has been affected. There have probably been days when it would have been nice to just hide out in bed. But that’s not something that we should do. The Church, HIS Church, is not meant to hibernate. Our job, as Christ followers, is to get out there in the world, to tell the world about Jesus, and to show how much He loves each and every person. There are a lot of people who don’t know Jesus and how amazing He is, so there’s no time for hibernating on the job.