Has 2020 felt like you’ve lost control in some way? Well…let this sink in for a moment…

You’re not in control and you never have been.

God controls all and allows every detail of our lives to take place. Nothing happens without His knowledge and approval. Yes, even 2020.

Every day, not just in 2020, little changes in schedule or small irritations occur. Every day, we can choose to let any obstacle upset us, or we can rest in the knowledge that God lovingly ordained them as small irritants to help us look to and rely on Him and Him alone. For example, we can grumble about the frustrations that this year has caused us, or we can remember that God has not been caught off guard by anything that is taking place and view it as an opportunity to fall in love with and trust Him more. We can complain, or we can rejoice.

May we allow the knowledge that we are continually surrounded by God’s unfailing love to permeate our lives and chase away our complaints and fears no matter the circumstances that surround us.