Four smiling children in an elementary classroom

While visiting with one of our local Principals recently they said to us, “We truly appreciate your effort in taking the truths of scripture to our students. Our hands are tied most of the time, but through this ministry, the Word can be proclaimed. Thank you.” There are situations like this all over our country. CEF held a survey for principals with Good News Clubs in their school. The results showed that 87% of principals were positive about their experience in having GNC’s in their schools.


Right now, we have principals all over our chapter all but begging us to open a Good News Club® in their school. The sad truth is that most of the time, the school isn’t the problem…the church is. We desperately need more pastors, churches, and Christians to get on board with adopting their schools to host Good News Clubs. This ministry is not about anything, but evangelizing and discipling children.